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History of Solo Products

Doing work in Germany, two brothers created the Two cycle motor that would later be used in Solo products. This first motor weighed about 35 lbs. In June of 1948, the Emmerich brothers, Hans and Heinz, created a nominal 14 pound motor. This motor was immediately added to existing products of the lawn mower, scooters, pumps and backpack blowers that were shown at shows in Germany in 1949. A Solo manufacturing unit was opened in 1953 to manufacture the 1 man backpack blowers and also motors marketed to Solo Productsother businesses for their particular use. This SOLO name originated from the notion that only one person was needed to operate the small motor products.

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Solo Products Expand Around the World

By 1953, Solo products including lawn mowers as well as cultivators were added to the product line. Single handedly, these goods transformed the way numerous consumers used their particular lawn mowers.  Solo moved away from Europe over 50 % of the ten thousand Solo products produced in 1958 by using only 100 workers. To help with the production throughout the winter, a direct drive chainsaw named SOLO Rex was produced that would be utilized in forestry in European countries. Over 32,000 Solo chainsaw products were merchandise that first year that paved an expansion of factories launching in France and Australia by the end of 1959.

Manufacturing expansions carried on over the next five years straight into Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Holland and also Ghana. The Ghana Solo products sales totaled more than 35,000 in back pack mist blowers to be used in cocoa farms. Globally circulation of the lightweight lawn and garden gear reached the one million mark by 1965. Within five-years, the misting blower development completed the half million using the single solution and 1.5 million coming from all Solo products from 1951.

In 1971, the small engine was fitted for a brand-new product line of moped solutions bringing about expansion of Solo products to New Zealand and Australia manufacturing locations with regard to the moped. The 1st all terrain vehicle, with six tires, was introduced this exact same year. By continuing to keep innovation moving, an electric moped ended up being added to the Solo products lineup and manufactured by 1973.

Solo products expanded existing facilities along with building completely new ones. To help sustain this growth, Solo signed legal contract in 1977, producing the small hand held Solo chainsaw intended for Husqvarna by private-label. This device would certainly complement Husqvarna existing line of expert sized chainsaws along with other yard devices.

Continued Solo Products Worldwide Expansion..

With staying within the family, Wolfgang Emmerich joined Solo products in 1979 and unveiled the hand-held power tools used. After Heinz Emmerich passed away, Andreas Emmerich joined the company in 1984. Outboard motors pertaining to boats were incorporated along with the other motorized Solo products and solutions. Plastic materials were introduced to lighten the load with all the different Solo products by 1988. This incorporated a plastic casing for the brand-new portable chainsaws produced that season.

Although these individuals obtained experience with the electric moped, the electric powered Solo chainsaws were not developed as well as unveiled as Solo products until 1989. Over the last twenty years and further expansion, Solo products continue to be one of the world leaders of outdoor motor products. Their first product, the SOLO backpack sprayer, now sporting a plastic design, continues to be in demand. Total Solo product sales have reached over ten million units since 1951, which were sold to every country in the world. Solo advertizes that their Solo products provide the right chainsaw for the job, from the forestry cutting home owner to professional landscapers and residential tree remover to the forest arborist.

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  • FRANKLIN McCann says:

    I have a 1978 410 homelite chainsaw,that is still running,but the replacement parts is getting hard too find,so is a solo chainsaws still the same as the homelite chainsaw,my saw been rebuild by me,I put a aftermarket piston and cylinder kits in it 40yrs.ago.It now a 73.3cc..I”m going 2 buy another saw 2 replaced the old saw,I”m looking 4 aleast another 70.0cc or 88.0cc,y love the power..I know I”m nut…thank,have a wonderful day….410 Homelite owner…………………………………….

  • Joe Brown says:

    I need info about a Solo tricycle with a 70 cc Solo engine fitted Made in USA around1975 or maybe a bit later I have one of these to rebuild and need access to parts list, explode views etc

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