Husqvarna History Power Tools

Husqvarna Power Tools History

Husqvarna Group started in 1689 as a factory manufacturing military weapons in Sweden. In Husqvarna Power Tools1872, the manufacturing of sewing machinery and also kitchen devices crafted out of cast iron became the equipment line of the day. Husqvarna power tools were introduced in 1959. Bicycles were added to the line in 1896. The bicycle product line ran regularly up until it was sold in 1962. Motorcycles were started in 1903. This line was eventually separated into a company called Caviga of Italy, in 1987. The production of sewing machines was basically carried on until 1995, when it was split up into a independent Swedish business.

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Husqvarna Power Tools Started in 1959

Husqvarna split into the lawn mower manufacturing in 1918 by purchasing Norrahammers Bruk in Sweden. Following World War II, there was clearly a terrific spike in technology expansion. Husqvarna created and manufactured electric dishwashers, washing machines along with the first electric cookers intended for the kitchen. It was not until 1959 that power lawn mowers and Husqvarna power tools, such as chainsaws were introduced. Basically by 1968, Husqvarna power tools facilities in Australia and Germany along with the United kingdom were acquired to assist and expand lawn mower product sales into over 20 various nations around the world.

Electrolux acquired the Husqvarna Group together with several other corporations in 1978. The Husqvarna power tools manufacturer product line for sale in the United states consisted of motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws as well as other cutting machines which continue to bear the Husqvarna brand. The chainsaw plant was opened up in Brazil in 1980 to support the constant growing market for Husqvarna power tools.

A number of other acquisitions happened to be made throughout the 1980’s. The primary focus was lawn mowers, lawn tractors, yard equipment, hobby chainsaws and other Husqvarna power tools. The largest market for lawn products became the United states in 1988. These purchases and expansions moved into electric powered lawn mowers and hand held Husqvarna power tools products which had electric power cords. The ongoing sale of petrochemical powered equipment has continued.

To be able to purchase a cordless ecologically friendly lawn mower, the Husqvarna Group introduced the very first solar driven lawn mower in 1995. This particular lawn mower was initially self propelled and presented another solution for non-polluting Husqvarna power tools. Cultivator (Husqvarna’s roto-tiller) had been modified in order to become solar operated in 1996. Other companies were procured through 2002, using the continuing focus of yard devices with regard to both the individual and commercial consumers in both the Euro and Usa marketplaces.

Husqvarna Power Tools Focus on Safety

Considering that the safety and ecological questions associated with power tool equipment, Husqvarna has become a innovator to satisfy these challenges. They have produced alternative gas and oil instruments. They’ve studied safety factors and adjusted the products towards their discoveries and pushed the industry to follow their lead.

The Husqvarna Group has its company head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The full outdoor lawn and Husqvarna power tools division was split up from the Electrolux parent organization in 2006. It happens to be listed with the Stockholm Stock Market with the Husqvarna Group name.

The Husqvarna power tools collection is adaptable and caters to the home owner, landscaper specialist, and the professional forest harvesters. The hand held Husqvarna chainsaws combined with clearing saws put together a full third of their overall annual sales revenue. The riding products, walk behind equipment and Husqvarna power tools and accessories make up the balance of their total net sales.

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