Chainsaw Safety Equipment

** Please note that chainsaw safety equipment can help prevent serious injury and/or death, but cannot avoid all risks associated with the use of powerful equipment like chainsaws. For more information regarding the safety of specific types of chainsaw equipment, see manufacturers specifications. Also, see chainsaw safety equipment uses and chainsaw safety page for more details.

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Chainsaw Safety Equipment Uses


Research has shown that most chainsaw hand injuries occur on the back of the hand. Chainsaw safety equipment gloves are typically made to be flexible with a light-weight protective material that is usually located on the back of the hand. Many safety chainsaw gloves available in the marketplace provide overall protection of the hand (front, back, palm, etc.), but Chainsaw Safety Glovesare not as flexible and light-weight as those safety gloves with backside protection. In other words, as with other chainsaw safety worn items you have the option to trade durability for ease of use. The safer the chainsaw safety equipment used, the heavier, thicker and less flexible the item will be.

Chaps or Pants

Chainsaw chaps or pants may help avoid injury depending on the chain speed and cutting chain your using. Most chainsaw chaps are purposely made light-weight and comfortable for the chainsaw user. Chaps and pants should be ventilated especially during hot weather use to avoid heat exhaustion. As you can imagine, adding extra layers of chainsaw safety equipment clothing provide more insulation and as a result increased temperatures. Even though the chainsaw safety equipment and materials used in creating chainsaw pants and chaps have become more durable, they still DO NOT offer full protection from a moving chainsaw blade.

Chainsaw Chaps Available

Husqvarna 531 30 95-64 Protective Chap. The Husqvarna 531 30 95-64 are extremely lightweight apron chaps with a 600 Denier shell and 5 layers of warp knit Kevmalimot chainsaw safety equipment protection on the front and sides. The Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Equipment Chaps features a tool pocket and is machine washable. The overall length of the Husqvarna 531 30 95-64 is from waist to ankle. The Husqvarna 531 30 95-64 Protective Chap meets ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, is UL Certified, and meets OSHA Regulation 1910-266.

Labonville chaps are proudly made in the good ‘ol US of A and we’re pleased to have them back in our catalog. Inside the tough reversible 1000 Denier Cordura outer shell that covers both sides, is a 5% 6-ply Kevlar and polyester blend. The Denier covering will resist tearing and ripping in brushy conditions. Keeping these chaps in place is a full 2″ waist strap that is adjustable from 26″ to 48″. On the legs, two sets of 1″ straps secure that same protection out of the way of the work at hand. chainsaw safety equipment specs. Hand wash, line dry. A 2″ belt extender (#85EX) is available separately (recommended for waists 44″ and above). NOTE: Chainsaw safety equipment UL Class A approved, meets ASTM F-1897-2008 Standard Specification for leg protection, ANSI Z 133.1, OSHA Regulation 1910-266 and USFS Requirements 11BF. Colors: Orange and Forest GreenSizes: Regular – 28″ Pad, 32″ Overall LengthLarge – 32″ Pad, 36″ Overall LengthExtra Large – 36″ Pad, 40″ Overall Length2X Large – 40″ Pad, 44″ Overall Length3X Large – 44″ Pad, 48″ Overall LengthHow to measure for your new Chaps are measured from the top of your belt down to the top of your foot. Just hook a tape measure in your trousers and let it fall to the ground. It’s that easy!

Chainsaw Safety Equipment for Your Head

Acoustic Ear Muffs or Ear Defenders

Chainsaw ear muffs are an important chainsaw safety equipment item and are typically made from acoustic foam (sound-deadening substance) which absorbs sound waves by increasing air resistance. Ear muffs are comprised of two ear pieces attached by a wire or plastic band that can be easily carried around the neck or clipped to a hard hat. Chainsaw safety equipment hearing protection is required for exposure to continuous sounds that are typically 90 decibels or louder. Chainsaws produce about 80 – 120 decibels depending on Chainsaw Hearing Protectionthe type of saw you are using. An individual may use a decibel meter or read the manufactures specifications to determine the approximate decibels a specific chainsaw produces. This will help to decide on what is the best chainsaw safety equipment for your situation.

Examples of Chainsaw Ear Muffs Available

Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff Optimizing acoustical earcup design, volume management technology, and personal chainsaw safety equipment hearing protection, the Howard Leight Sync stereo earmuff delivers the proper levels of hearing protection in hazardous noise environments with high-fidelity stereo sound from users’ MP3 players, smart phones and other personal listening devices. It features a stylish, DJ-inspired earcup design, sound quality equal to many professional and high-end personal stereo headphones, and technology to manage output volume from portable audio devices at safer levels. The Howard Leight 1030110 Sync includes a 3.5-millimeter input cable that plugs into most MP3 players, mobile phones, and other personal audio devices. Ideal chainsaw safety equipment item..

Husqvarna 531 30 00-89 Chainsaw Safety Equipment Hearing Protectors. The Husqvarna 531 30 00-89 features a lightweight, flexible padded headband with pressure adjustment. The Husqvarna Hearing Protectors are for use without a hard hat.
Comfortable adjustable cups; Foam-padded headband; CE-approved (European safety standard)


A chainsaw safety equipment helmet MAY help limit injuries from flying debris such as wood fragments and falling objects like a tree branch. Most helmets will protect the Chainsaw Safety Equipment Helmetoperators head from the cutting bar during kickback, although it DOES NOT protect the head from a moving or still chain blade which can cut through the helmet. An efficient chain break system along with chainsaw safety equipment, like a helmet integrated with a visor is ideal when considering your chainsaw safety equipment options for protecting your head. Chainsaw helmets are frequently on individuals list of chainsaw safety equipment items to own.

Chainsaw Helmets Available

* Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Safety Equipment Helmet System
* Pro Chainsaw Pro Helmet Assembly

Goggles and Visors

Due to flying particles and wood chips when operating a chainsaw, we suggest using eye protection as chainsaw safety equipment such as goggles and visors. A visor is typically attached to a chainsaw safety helmet and is relatively flimsy. A chainsaw safety visor is preferred over safety goggles since a visor provides more ventilation and overall coverage of your facial area. Depending on your personal preference and situation, safety goggles or glasses may be preferred over the use of a safety visor. As mentioned before, chainsaw safety equipment will not protect you from every situation and possibility, but will provide additional protection from potential injuries.

Chainsaw Safety Goggles Available

Safe Eyes Medium Mesh Safety Goggles – Stainless Steel Lens ANSI Z87 Compliant
Ultimate eye protection for multiple applications including yard work, forestry and other chainsaw safety equipment uses. Seals against face and will never fog or scratch. The Stainless steel mesh is up to 4 times finer than the mesh of safety visors on the market and is the only mesh goggle on the market to be ANSI Z87 certified.

Chainsaw Safety Equipment for Your Feet

Chainsaw Boots

Another item to considered when purchasing your chainsaw safety equipment items is the steel-toed boot. Chainsaw boots include your standard steel-toe, but also provide extra shielding by adding extra layers of fabric and other materials. These additional layers to the steel-toed boot help avoid injury in the event you were to drop your saw or an unexpected branch fell from above. The chainsaw boot is a must for those individuals using their chainsaw regularly and require chainsaw safety equipment for all unexpected hazardous situations.

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