Chainsaw Safety Tips and Ideas

Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety Gloves

Hand protection

Chainsaw Safety Equipment

Heavy protection chainsaw safety gloves are perfect for safe handling as well as control. Kevlar work gloves will protect against severe injuries to the hands and fingers.

Leg Safeguards

Leggings, chaps as well as other protective clothing. Again, kevlar is an ideal chainsaw safety equipment solution designed to safeguard towards sharp metal objects.Chainsaw Safety Chaps Pants

Eye Protection

Chainsaw Safety Goggles or protective eyeglasses

Hearing Safeguards

Chainsaw Hearing ProtectionEar plugs or ear muffs will help minimize or muffle the noise frequency produced by the chainsaw engine.

Hard Hat or Helmet

A useful chainsaw safety equipment option when executing any job or task involving machineryChainsaw Safety Helmet


In case you drop the saw or a hefty piece of timber or any other object falls you’ll be thankful you bought steel toed boots.
See our Chainsaw Safety Equipment page now for more information.

Chainsaw Safety Features


The anti-vibration is a popular chainsaw safety attribute minimizes the jolt of the impact to the operator coming from the saw in the course of operation (specifically useful for those Chainsaw Antivibration Featureprolonged duration jobs). Chainsaws equipped with anti-vibration handles are fitted with springs or rubber buffers. Pro-longed vibration can lead to discomfort, handling issues, in addition to injuries.

Bar-Tip guard

A bar-tip safeguard is used to avoid chain saw kickback . Kickback is a frequent chainsaw safety consideration between chainsaw users. This will happen in the event the nose of your chainsaw enters into contact with a hard object or perhaps the chain gets pinched and results in the saw to kickback towards the operator. Many chainsaw users bypass utilizing a bar-tip guard because of the fact that it confines the cutting region of the bar by 1″ to 3″ inches.

Wrap Around Handle, Chain Break and Trigger Lock

The wrap around handle serves a couple purposes. 1. Chainsaw Safety, most wrap around handles consist of a chain break system that ceases the chain almost promptly once the left hand hits the guard. 2. The handle also allows for better control and handling, enabling the operator to adequately maneuver the saw. The trigger lock function is yet another chainsaw safety feature that halts the blade promptly when the saw is released or even fumbled. A button or switch located on the grip needs to be depressed for the chainsaw to run, when the button is released the saw ceases to work.

Chain Break

The chain break is yet another chainsaw safety feature that stops the chain while the chainsaw engine is still running. This is especially important for folks shopping for a power saw which ceases the chain in case of violent kickbacks. A chain break is also utilized . to physically cease the chain in between slices or switching positions with regard to more desirable control.

Chain Tensioner

A simple adjust or tool-less chain tensioner helps keep an individual’s chain adequately tensioned to avoid damage, breakage and also risk of harm.

Bar Tip Guard

A bar-tip safeguard is applied to avert chain saw kickback . Kickback is a typical chainsaw safety factor among chainsaw owners. This could possibly happen when the tip of a chainsaw

Chainsaw Bar Tip

comes directly into contact with a hard object or maybe the chain is pinched and results in the actual saw to kickback towards the user.

Numerous chainsaw buyers forego utilizing a bar-tip safeguard because of the reason that it limits the cutting area of the bar by 1″ to 3″ inches.

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