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Earthwise CS30016 ReviewsEarthwise CS30016

Manage your landscaping projects conveniently using the Earthwise CS30016 electric chainsaw developed by Earthwise. This practical chainsaw performs well with regard to small-scale cutting tasks near the home or any electric outlet and you won’t have to be concerned with fueling or gas emission. Earthwise CS30016 comes complete with blade cover, cord retention hook, rubberized over molded handles, bar as well as chain. It repeatedly oils engine, bar, as well as chain.

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12 Amp Electric Motor

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Tool-less Chain Tensioning

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Oil Level Window

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Automatic Chain Oiler

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Earthwise CS30016 Electric Chainsaw

Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch corded chain saw features a 12 amp motor and tool less chain tensioning. To reduce engine strain and chain wear, this chainsaw includes automatic bar, chain oiling and motor. The Earthwise CS30016 provides an oil level window for convenience. Also includes a safety tip blade with plastic blade cover for extra precaution. Lime green customer touch points.

Earthwise CS30016 Features

* Rubber over molded handles
* Auto bar and chain oiling
* Safety tip blade
* Tool-less chain tension system
* Oil level window
* Electric brake stop
* Cord retention hook
* Plastic blade cover
* 12 Amp Motor

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