Solo 652-20 Review

20-Inch 51.8cc 3.3 HP 2-Stroke Commercial Grade Chain Saw

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Solo 652-20

Solo 652-20

Chainsaw Stars 51.8 10.5 20 $$$$

Anti-Vibration, Air Filtration, Automatic Oiler, ANSI safety features

This Solo 652 51.8cc 20-inch chainsaw is lightweight, powerful, reliable and versatile.

Solo 652 features simple starting, an anti-vibration process for reduced exhaustion plus a host of ANSI safety features. Manufactured in Germany for overall performance as well as endurance.

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51.8cc 2-Stroke
3.3 Horsepower Chainsaw

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Nikasil Cylinder Coating

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Primer and Decompression Valve

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Eco-matic Oiling Method

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Solo 652-20 Features

  • Nikasil cylinder coating for extended motor life
  • Full crankshaft as well as forged connecting rods for long engine life
  • Primer as well as decompression valve for quick starting
  • Eco-matic automatic oiling method only pumps when chain is moving
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

Solo 652-20  Chainsaw

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Have you used the Solo 652-20 or other Solo products?
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