Solo 636-16 Review

36.3cc 1.9 HP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

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Solo 636-16

Solo 636-16

Chainsaw Stars 36.3 15 14 $$

Automatic Oiler, Chain Break, Chain Tensioner, Quick Start, 3-Piece Forged Crankshaft

The Solo 636-16-inch chainsaw along with 36 cc, 2 hp motor, 16″ bar and chain, with comparably low noise level helps make an ideal saw for the homeowner. This unique saw is fashioned to look, feel as well as function like a workhorse pro saw, the Solo 636-16 features everything a farmer, forester, orchardist or backyard user could wish for.

Together with a formidable 2 hp high speed motor, auto oiler, electronic ignition, easy- start primer, this lightweight power package is a great choice when you want a saw for 10 to 100 hours annual use.

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36.3cc 2-Stroke
2 Horsepower Motor

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Electronic Ignition

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Easy Start Primer

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Solo 636-16 Features

  • 36.3cc 2-Stroke 2.0 HP Engine
  • Anti-vibration Technology to reduce fatigue and stress
  • Automatic Oiler System
  • Fingertip choke as well as throttle controls

Solo 636-16  Chainsaw

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