Solo 635-14 Review

36.3cc 1.9 HP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

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Solo 635-14

Solo 635-14

Chainsaw Stars 36.3 9.3 14 $$

Anti-Vibration, Automatic Oiler, Chain Break, Easy Start

Solo saws have a high power-to-weight ratio as well as Nikasil, silicon carbide-coated cylinders for robustness. The Solo 635-14 uses anti-vibration technology for more ease and comfort as well as diminished exhaustion in addition to an easy-start primer.

The provided Eco-matic oiling process delivers no oil at idle as well as increases delivery together with higher RPM. Also the Solo 635-14 provides fingertip choke as well as throttle controls. ANSI safety features include chain brake, hand guards, chain catcher, throttle interlocks, as well as diminished kickback bars as well as chains. CD Ignition as well as Automatic half throttle choke setting for starting ease are also provided.

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36.3cc 2-Stroke
1.9 HP Engine

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Oiling Program

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Fingertip Choke
and Throttle Management

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Solo 635-14 Features

  • 36.3cc 2-Stroke 1.9 HP Motor
  • Anti-vibration Technology to reduce fatigue and stress
  • Eco-matic (automatic oiling) system utilizes oil reserves efficiently
  • Fingertip choke as well as throttle controls
  • ANSI safety features

Solo 635-14  Chainsaw

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Have you used the Solo 635-14 or other Solo products?
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2 Responses to Solo 635-14 Gas Chainsaw Review

  • stephen says:

    I usually don’t like complaining about anything but this particular chainsaw has been nothing but a problem for me. It does not start easily, ever. The only other review I could find that had not been removed said the same thing. If you own one of these and don’t have this problem please let us know to be fair to the company.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have had one for opprox. 4 years. First couple years worked fine. Took mine to an authorized dealer. He said it’s tired. Time for a new saw. Starts hard and runs great for about 15 to 20 minutes. Than shuts down. Gave up on her and traded her in for a new saw chain for my Olympic which is 30 years old.

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