Remington RM1635W Review

16-Inch 12 Amp Electric Chain Saw

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Remington RM1635W

Remington RM1635W

Chainsaw Stars 12 9.2 $

Wrap Around Hand Guard, Steel Bucking Teeth, Automatic Oiler

The Remington RM1635W is a 16-inch, 3.5 HP electric chainsaw. It’s great for fast, quick trimming, pruning, tree felling, firewood cutting, and much more. With a managing weight of only 9.4 pounds, the 3.5 HP saw provides maximum peak horsepower in a lightweight, easy-to-handle package. Several safety features are built in, such as: front as well as rear hand guards for operator protection; a trigger lock-out; and reduced kickback guide bar.

As opposed to gas powered chainsaws, the electric chainsaw does not promote to air pollution as well as requires no gasoline or oil to mix — it is also quieter. The RM1635W includes an automatic bar oiler; soft-touch rear handgrip for reduced vibration and ease and comfort; and steel bucking teeth for added leverage. The chainsaw comes preassembled as well as includes a 1-year limited warranty.

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3.5 Peak HP Motor

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Wrap Around Hand Guard

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Steel bucking teeth for better leverage and control

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Automatic Oiler

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Remington RM1635W Chainsaw



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