Remington RM1630W Review

16-inch 11.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw

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Remington RM1630W

Remington RM1630W

Chainsaw Stars 11.5 10 $

Easy View Oil Resevoir, Push Button Chain Oiler

The Remington RM1630W 16″ electric chain saw sports a 1.5 HP motor and weighs 7.0 lbs. unassembled. Features a knob grip for side to side cutting, integrated hand shield.

Trigger lockout helps prevent accidental starting, chain tensioning with single guard bar nut and Advanced gear ratio for more output torque. 1 year warranty UL listed Carded

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Innovative Gear Ratio

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Easy-To-Use Squeeze Bulb Oiler

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Integrated Hand Guard

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Large Trigger & Lockout Switches

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Remington RM1630W Features

  • Innovative Gear Ratio For Additional Torque Output
  • Easy View Oil Reservoir
  • Easy-To-Use Squeeze Bulb Oiler Together with Large Pour Opening For Less Spillage
  • Integrated Hand Guard For Greater Safety, Knob Grip For Horizontal Cutting, Patented Guide Bar
  • Retainer, Quick Access Tensioning Screw Along with Single Guide Bar Nut
  • Cord Hitch

Remington RM1630W Chainsaw



Have you used the Remington RM1630W or other Remington products?
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One Response to Remington RM1630W Electric Chainsaw

  • S Cruz says:

    I purchased the RM1630W electric chain saw to do light work on hedges and trees. The saw was fully assembled and needed only motor oil for the chain. The oil reservoir was easily filled and has three fill level lines on the side. The oil level is easily seen. Unfortunately the push button oiler did not work and the good old oil can was employed. I did follow the oiling requirements anyway and at the end of the job the oil reservoir was still full. The saw has plenty of power and is easily handled. The oil problem is not a big deal for me as I will probably be able to correct it. I have only used it once and am satisfied with the purchase.

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