Poulan Pro PP4218avx Review

This Gas Chainsaw Perfectly Balances Power And Control

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Poulan Pro PP4218AVX

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX

Chainsaw Stars 42 11.8 11.3 $

Anti-Vibration, Chain Break, Toolless Chain Tensioner

This Poulan Pro PP4218avx 18-inch 42 cc 2-cycle gas anti-vibration chainsaw has an 18-inch bar.  Its anti-vibration solution isolates the motor from the frame, lowering the overall vibrations as well as enhancing comfort, ease and safety; further safe practices methods are ensured through the inertia-activated chain brake, that ceases rotation of the chain should kickback occur.  Check Eligibility for Free Shipping

Customer Comments from Amazon Verified Purchasers

“I cut between 4-5 cords of wood each year to heat my home. This saw has plenty of power for that amount of wood.”

“This saw is great and especially for the price.. Followed starting instructions and it started on the third pull right out of the box! Idles and cuts perfectly”

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The Poulan Pro PP4218AVX automated oiling process lubricates the bar and the chain constantly throughout use.

The Poulan Pro PP4218AVX chainsaw also features: dura-chrome vertical cylinder design and style; an upgraded pulley starting process; a reverse sprocket for quicker chain replacement; a ultra clean air filtration technique, along with a comfortable touch handgrip. The included case keeps the saw neat and clean.

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Anti-vibration handle enhances safety and comfort

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The reverse
sprocket supplies effortless tool-less chain replacement

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Automated oiling process lubricates the bar along with chain continuously for the duration of use

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The Poulan Pro PP4218AVX is NonCARB Compliant – Not For Sale In California

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Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Features

  • Impressive 18-inch gas-powered chain saw well suited for landowners and also other individuals.
  • Poulan Pro PP4218AVX includes a super clean
    air filtration system method which in turn increases the lifespan of the Saw
  • LowVib vibrations (Anti Vibration) dampening; minimum exertion by means of Smart Start attribute and mixed choke/stop command
  • Centrifugal air cleansing technique; inertia triggered
    chain braking mechanism; snap-lock cylinder shield
  • CARB Compliant

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX


Have you used the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX or other Poulan Pro Products?
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2 Responses to Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Review

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve owned the pp4218avx for 135 days of which the saw has been in the shop for repair 4 times …83 days. This poulon is a real LEMON. I paid $149 plus tax. Now I’ve put on 263mi on my vehicle ($55 in gas) lugging it in for repair. 1 fuel filter 2 clutch 3 chainbreak 4 chainbreak. I purchased the poulon because of fallen trees on our 40 acres. The last two repairs have been a battle royale with Poulon’s customer service. They think it’s perfectly reasonable to have the new saw that iI purchased to be tied up for 83days . They also think it is reasonable to spend gas money to get their new saw repaired. After the last repair I pulled the saw because of a lack of an attempt of repair for two weeks. My next decision is to drop the saw at the customer service desk at the place of purchase. I DO NOT WANT TO OWN ANOTHER POUON PRODUCT. If I walk away with over a $200 loss at least this comment may spare some potential Poulon customer the same greif with the product and with their customer service. Note: there was no abuse by me to the saw and less than 8 hours of total Running time.

  • ray goss says:

    mine quit after 2 hours , looks like clutch froze up, chain will not move. bought from amazon had a five star rating. wondering how to get my money back & buy a stihl. I am out 200 $ also, common poulan you are loosin what you had. p.o customer

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