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Makita UC3530A ReviewMakita UC3530A Electric Chainsaw

Chainsaw reviews online features the Makita UC3530A is a 14-inch electric chainsaw with a 15 Amp motor.  This saw is best for small to mid-sized trees. This Makita UC3530A uses a 3/8-inch x .050-inch chain.  The chain moves around a 14-inch bar at 2,600 feet per minute.

A built-in current limiter safeguards the UC3530A chainsaw by lowering power.  The power is lowered when the saw has been overloaded, this helps prevent burn-out. Furthermore, the automatic chain oiler preserves the chain with constant lubrication.

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15-Amp Motor

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One-touch “tool-less” Chain Modifications

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Rubberized Ergonomically Made Grip Handles

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Electric Chain Braking Mechanism

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Makita UC3530A Electric Chainsaw

The Makita UC3530A electric chainsaw offers a one-touch, tool-less blade change. A rubberized grip for comfort and ideal handling. The Makita UC3530a has sizeable oil reservoir with an oil display window.  This enables the owner to quickly examine oil bar levels.

The UC3530A is an excellent remedy for the do-it-yourselfer’s.  This 14″ electric chain saw by Makita features the combination of basic safety as well as functionality. The Makita UC3530a offers a one-touch “tool-less” blade change for efficiency.

Makita UC3530A Chainsaw Features

* One-touch “tool-less” blade changes.  Makes for easy operation and maintenance.
* Rubberized grips are ergonomically developed for relaxation and maneuvering.
* Large trigger control for smooth start-ups
* Built-in current limiter guards engine from burnout.   Decreasing power to the motor when saw is beyond capacity
* Large oil resevoir with viewpoint eye-port. This feature enables user to verify bar oil levels
* Automatic chain oiler for strenuous constant cutting
* Electric chain braking mechanism for highest possible productivity
* Double insulated with regard to user safeguards

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