Echo CS-400 Review

36.3cc Gas Chainsaw with Anti-Vibration

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Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400

Chainsaw Stars 40.2 10.1 13.9 $$

Air Filtration, Automatic Oiler, Chain Break

The Echo CS-400 Chain Saw is described as mid-range saw that offers a 40.2 cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine for strength and high performance, a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner™ to obtain a longer-lasting motor, a electronic ignition advance system, as well as i-30™ technological innovation to minimize starting effort by 30%. Chainsaw users give the CS-400 high ratings because of it’s power, easy start system and light-weight design.

The Echo CS-400 is developed for the expert tree care user, insisting farmer or rancher, and home-owner.

Customer Comments

“this saw is perfect for any job around the house and yard.. plenty of power, super easy start, light weight, easy to hold”

“thing I’ve found to enjoy most about this is its lightweight design. I’ve compared the weight of this to smaller saws and this is far lighter”

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40.2 cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine

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G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner™

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i-30™ Technological Innovation

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Electronic Ignition Advance System

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Echo CS-400 Features

* 40.2cc Engine
* 18″ Bar & Chain Included
* Engine Oil Included
* Fully Assembled
* Echo CS-400 – Easy Start Engine

Echo CS-400

Echo History

Echo has its beginnings as a Japanese importer / exporter business of the backpack two cycle engines widely used in sprayers and also blowers throughout 1950-1970. The United states office had been founded around 1972 in Illinois identified as Kiortiz Corporation of America. The name was converted to Echo in the late seventies. In 1984, Echo made a partnership together with Home Depot to distribute the power tool collection to the home improvement customer. This launched Echo to end up being name brand recognized by the additional exposure. As of 2011, Echo is still a part of the Japanese firm, Kiortiz situated in Illinois.

Have you used the CS-400 or other Echo Products?
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2 Responses to Echo CS-400 Reviews

  • john liles says:

    The cs-400 is one tough saw. My house trailer burned to the ground in november of 2013. Having just bought the cs-400 to replace a worn out sthil-026. After the flames were out the next day as I tried to find anything that survived fire . Both saws were side by side under my tanning bed. The bed melted on both saws the sthil was toast complete loss but low & behold the echo was solid black with soot & soaking wet. At first I figured it would be a parts saw. A week later I decided to see how bad it was hurt. To my amazement it was fine besides the smell & soot. The bulb was not even melted. I cleaned the air filter & 2 pulls later it fired right up. 2 months later & 4 or 5 cord of red & white oak & a 3 ft dia. Hickory its cutting better than the sthil ever did. Can only imagine how one the larger echo saws would have performed. Fire tested & wood proven this saw has won me over. The chain stays sharper twice as long as the sthil. For the money it cant be beat. I will be using echo saws for now on. Thank you for making such a tough & affordable product. John Liles, Redfield Ar.

  • john damphier says:

    i haville been running chainsaws from 1975 to 2014 from 90cc to 40cc i own 3 echo 400 cs and they run beter start beter cut as good as 50cc saw,i own big husky 61, 268, 372, stihl 290, 310, 390,sure the big ones cut faster in big wood but the quility of the little echo is supierior and i never though any was more reliable than stihl, i plan on buying the new timberwolf,if the quility is as good as cs400 how can i go wrong for 389 dollors,frankley been disapointed with husky quility,now they are loosing a sale on a 59cc saw, i dout they care,im one guy,

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