Echo CS-370 Review

36.3cc Gas Chainsaw with Anti-Vibration

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Echo CS-370

Echo CS-370

Chainsaw Stars 36.3 10 13.9 $$

Anti-Vibration, Air Filtration, Automatic Oiler, Chain Break

The Echo CS-370 is driven by way of a 36.3 Power Boost motor which is certified to the maximum durability rating in the marketplace with the E.P.A.. It has the I-30 starter, which utilizes 30% less tugging effort and its Pro-fire electronic ignition ensures the motor starts quickly.

The Echo CS-370’s slimmer bar and chain design helps make cutting 30% easier than a conventional bar and chain. Make use of an automobile type heavy-duty air filter as well as G-Force Motor Air Pre-cleaner that will help safeguard the engine crucial components from damaging dirt and dust.

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G-Force Motor Air Pre-Cleaner

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Electronic Ignition System

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Aluminum Handle with Rubber Over-Mold

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Echo CS-370 Features

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