Echo CS-360T Review

34cc Gas Chainsaw with I-30 Start System

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Echo CS-360T

Echo CS-360T

NR 36.3 8.1 10.5 $$$

Anti-Vibration, Air Filtration, Automatic Oiler, Chain Break

The Echo CS-360T is designed for the intense landowner forestry projects together with professional jobs. The CS-360T‘s wrap around handle design and style strikes the center of gravity above the saw, helping to make trimming tasks faster and easier.

It has a specially designed engine air pre-cleaner process that spins out soil prior to air filtration. Its electronic digital ignition system instantly changes engine timing for optimum overall performance. Tool-less recessed fuel and oil caps for quick and convenient refueling.

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36.3 cc Power Boost Vortex Engine

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G-Force Motor Air Pre-Cleaner

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Electronic Ignition System

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Side Access Chain Tensioner

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Echo CS-360T Features

  • 36.3 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for performance
  • G-Force Motor Air Pre-Cleaner brings out dirt prior to air purification
  • Electronic ignition system automatically changes engine timing
  • Side access chain tensioner.

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