Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Husqvarna 450
Husqvarna 450 Gas ChainSaw Reviews

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Husqvarna 450 Gas Chainsaw Reviews

* Estimated Retail Price

5 Star Gas Chain Saw Rating

Price* $390

Bar Length 18″, 20″

Features: 3.2 HP X-Torq engine, LowVib vibration, SmartStart, Centrifugal air cleaning system and CARB Compliant

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Gas Chainsaw Reviews

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Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Gas Chainsaw Reviews
Four Star Gas ChainSaw Rating

Price* $170

Bar Length 18″

Features: Anti-vibration handle, reverse sprocket provides easy tool-less chain replacement, Automatic oiling system

Echo CS-400

Echo CS400 Gas Chainsaw Reviews

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Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw Reviews
Four Star GasChain Saw Rating

Price* $290

Bar Length 16″, 18″

Features: Automatic adjustable oiler, Engine Air Pre-Cleaner, 40.2cc Power Boost Engine, Inertia chain brake

Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Some of the best gas chainsaws are more robust, cut quicker and are used anywhere outdoors, even in wet weather conditions. However our gas chainsaw reviews showed that they can  be a bit bulkier and also need more maintenance compared to their electric and cordless counterparts. The best gas chainsaws in the marketplace last for years and endure the toughest jobs!

Gas chainsaws use a two-cycle motor that requires the owner to mix oil with fuel. You need to store the fuel and make certain it’s fresh or blended with a fuel additive. Many users recommend in their gas chainsaw reviews that you drain the gas in between uses.  This will keep the fuel from clogging up the carburetor.

In our gas chainsaw reviews, we found that the conventional 16 to 20″ bar is the most widely used gas chainsaw.

Gas ChainSaw Reviews

Items to Examine When Buying the Best Gas Chainsaws

The Motor – The Gas chainsaw engine is comprised of a piston, cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, carburetor as well as magneto. Our gas chainsaw reviews would like to note how extraordinary the engine is on a gas chainsaw.  The engine is Gas Chainsaw Engine Displacementimpressive considering it creates one horsepower of power per pound of engine weight. The motor is air flow cooled and doesn’t need a radiator or water pump. A radiator and water pump would add a substantial quantity of weight.

Engine displacement is an expression used to measure the size of the engine. Engine dimensions are measured in cubic centimeters, shortened to “cc”.  Also, cubic inches may also be used as a measurement too. Gas chainsaw engine sizes range from under 30 cc to over 70 cc’s.

Our gas chainsaw reviews would like to point out a professional grade gas chainsaw with an engine displacement of 80.7 cc’s.  The Solo 681-20 is very powerful and is one of the more powerful saws in the marketplace.

The Chain – The chain runs inside a groove that revolves around the chainsaw bar.  The cutting teeth are attached to the exterior portion of the chain. Gas chainsaw reviews shows that chain speeds range from 3,000 to 7,000 fpm (ft. per minute).

Gas Chainsaw Bar and ChainChainsaw BarGas chainsaw bar sizes range from 8 to 36 inches long.  The most frequently used lengths are between 16 and 20 inches. The bar length is sized from the tip of the bar to where the chain enters the chainsaw casing. The longer the bar length, the more difficult the saw is to manage.  A longer bar also is a greater safety factor.  The bar length is an important consideration in your gas chainsaw reviews.

Gas Chainsaw Reviews Features

Smart-Start (aka Quick Start) – Permits easier starts, less effort is required for starting.

Auto Chainsaw Oiler – When performing your own gas chainsaw reviews, make sure you strongly consider an automatic chain oiler.  The automatic chain oiler  oils the chain regularly.  This will help avert over heating as well as breakage due to excessive chain friction with the wood. The automatic oiler delivers a continuous rate of oil upon the chain (and bar).  The oil is released from valve and control device in small quantities. The oil is held in a separate reservoir and needs to be checked before each use.

Antivibration – The antivibration feature reduces chainsaw impact to the operator. This impact comes from the saw during use (specifically helpful for long Gas Chainsaw Antivibration Featureduration jobs). Chainsaws furnished with anti-vibration handles are fitted with springs or rubberized buffers. Pro-longed vibration causes sorness, control issues, not to mention personal injury. Our gas chainsaw reviews showed that owners preferred a chainsaw with anti-vibration feature.  Especially those chainsaws with a rubberized comfort grip and anti-vibration.

Gas Chainsaw Bar TipBar-Tip guard – A bar-tip guard is needed to avoid chain saw kickback . Kickback is a common safety concern amid gas chainsaw reviews. This will happen once the nose of the chainsaw enters into contact with a hard object.

Sometimes the chain becomes pinched and causes the saw to kickback towards the owner. A number of chainsaw owners bypass a bar-tip safeguard since it reduces the cutting region of the bar by 1″ to 3″ inches. Our gas chainsaw reviews determined that the bar-tip guard is another important safety consideration when shopping for the best gas chainsaw.

Gas Chainsaw Reviews the Wrap Around Handle, Chain Break and Trigger Lock – The wrap around handle serves several purposes. 1. Safety, wrap around handles  sometimes include a chain break mechanism that stops the chain almost instantaneously. The chain stops when the left hand hits the handle 2. Also makes for improved control and handling.

The trigger lock Gas Chainsaw Wrap around Handleis a safeguard that typically stops the blade when the saw is dropped or fumbled. A press button or switch is positioned on the grip.  The button needs to be depressed for the chainsaw to operate.  Once the button is released the saw ceases to function.

CARB Compliant – California Air Resources Board-Certified (CARB), This regulation applies to two-cycle gasoline powered chain saws. Chainsaws play a role in air pollution and also the emission of poisonous toxins. The rules were enacted by the California Clean Air Plan.  The regulations were created in combination with EPA standard. California’s CARB requirements are more stringent than EPA’s polices and apply to handheld and non hand-held engines.  Gas chainsaw reviews has provided a link regarding CARB and EPA compliant standards here.

Chainsaw Safety

Hand protection – Thick protection safety gloves are good for handling as well as control. Gas chainsaw reviews suggests Kevlar gloves to help protect against serious injury to the hands.

Leg Protection – Leggings, chaps or other protective leg apparel.  Again, gas chainsaw reviews suggests kevlar as a strong material to help protect the user from razor-sharp metal objects.  Kevlar will not protect in every situation, but does offer good protection.

Eye Protection – Safety Goggles or protective eyeglasses.  Gas chainsaw reviews ranks eye protection as a top 5 safety concern.Chainsaw Safety Equipment

Hearing Protection – Ear plugs or ear muffs will help minimize the noise frequency created by the chainsaw motor.

Hard Hat – Gas chainsaw reviews suggests a helmet or hard hat for any job or activity.

Boots – In the event you tumble the saw or a large piece of timber falls on your feet, you’ll be thankful you purchased steel toed or chainsaw boots.

Other Gas Chainsaw Reviews Considerations

Chain Pitch – The typical chain pitch is 3/8 inch. Chain pitch is the distance between links on a chain.  This measurement must match the sprocket size.

Chain Gauge – The chain gauge is the thickness of your chain.  The chain gauge must match the thickness of the chainsaw bar groove.

The Best Gas Chainsaw Handling

A gas chainsaw is sometimes difficult to manage.  Some of the features we discussed above can make jobs safer and more comfortable for the operator. Operating a chainsaw demands two hands and manual dexterity.  You will find that to effectively balance a chainsaw and handle it appropriately, a handle at the front and backside provides the most stability.

These chainsaw reviews show that chainsaws offer better handling and swifter cutting using improved handles.  As a result, users are more productive with improved handling. Front and backside handles are recommended for almost every user.  Our chainsaw reviews found that more producers are now using these handling features in their chainsaw designs.

Hand strain, personal injury and also permanent damage are reduced by using chainsaws with anti-vibration handles. The handles have springs or rubberized bushings to buffer the vibrating motor from the user’s hand. This feature is good for any individual that works with a saw on a regular basis.  Especially for those using a chainsaw over long durations.

Gas chainsaw reviews suggests buying a chainsaw with a wrap-around handle.  The handle allows the operator to have a relaxed grasp while creating side to side cuts.  This includes cutting tree trunks, the most frequent type of cutting for chainsaw owners. The handle wraps across the the very top of the saw.  This allows for the user to easily reorient the saw to make horizontal slices.

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    Where can I get a 36″ Oregon Guide bar for 075 stihl chainsaw? How much is it? Craig

    • Jack says:

      Good question, this product is going to be hard to find. I imagine Ebay is going to be your best bet. Amazon does sell a 36″ bar for stihl chainsaws, but 075 was not listed in the product description. I would do the following: contact the manufacturer directly (which you might have already done) and if that doesn’t work, set up an Ebay alert so you receive an email when someone lists this type of chainsaw bar for sale.

      Oregon Guide Bar

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