Hitachi Gas Chainsaw Reviews and Ratings

Hitachi Gas Chainsaws Reviews and RatingsHitachi  Power  Tools

Hitachi Gas Chainsaws are typically lightweight and priced below many of their competitors.

Hitachi power tools company produces over 1,000 various power tools and launched operations over 50 years ago.

Models and Brands Rating Engine Size Weight Fuel Tank Size Price Features
Hitachi CS33EB16

Hitachi CS33EB16

Chainsaw Stars 32.2 8.3 13.5 $

Anti-Vibration, Automatic Oiler, Chain Break, CARB Compliant

Hitachi CS33ET14

Hitachi CS33ET14

Chainsaw Stars 32 9 10.1 $$

Automatic Oiler, Chain Break, CARB Compliant, Auto Choke

Hitachi CS40EA18

Hitachi CS40EA18

Chainsaw Stars 40 16 12.8 $$

Anti-Vibration, Air Filtration, Chain Break, CARB Compliant

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