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The good news about the electric chainsaw is that it costs and weighs less than their gas powered cousins. They start easier too, simply plug them in and pull the trigger!

Makita UC3530A
Makita UC3530A Electric Chainsaw

* Estimated Retail Price

5 Star Gas Chain Saw Rating

Price* $200

Bar Length 14″

Features: Tool-Less blade and chain adjustments, Current Limiter to protect motor from burnout, Oil level window, Rubberized grip handles

Poulan PLN3516F
Poulan PLN3516F Electric Chainsaw
Four Star Gas ChainSaw Rating

Price* $80

Bar Length “16

Features: 3.5 HP Electric motor, Tool-less chain tightening system. Automatic Oiler

Earthwise CS30016
Earthwise CS30016 Electric Chainsaw
Four Star GasChain Saw Rating

Price* $80

Bar Length 16″

Features: Toolless chain tensioning, Automatic oiling, Oil Level Window, 12 Amp Motor

The Electric Chainsaw

Acquire the Best Electric Chainsaws

The Motor – The electric chainsaw engines are powered from 3 to 15 amps.  The average electric chainsaw is between 9-12 amps (3-4 horsepower).

The Chain – The electric chainsaw chain operates inside a groove on the guide bar.  The cutting teeth are attached to the exterior part of the chain. Chain rates of speed range between 2,000 to 5,000 feet per minute.

Chainsaw BarElectric chainsaw bar lengths are between 10 to 18 inches.  The most common lengths are between 14 and 20 inches. The bar length is measured from the tip of the bar to where the chain enters the outer shell.  The longer the bar span, the more difficult the saw is to manage.  Also, the more significant the safety concern.

Electric Chainsaw Features

Automated Chainsaw Oiler – The electric chainsaw chain must be oiled regularly.  Oil frequently to avoid over heating as well as breakage.  Over heating occurs due to excessive friction between the chain and wood. The automatic oiler provides continuous flow of oil onto the chain (and bar).  This occurs in modest quantities and is discharged from a control valve. The oil is kept in a separate reservoir.  It should be checked prior to or after each refueling.

Antivibration – The antivibration feature decreases the impact to the owner coming from the saw.  The vibration occurs during operation.  Anti-vibration feature is useful for long duration jobs.  Electric chainsaw equipped with anti-vibration handles have springs or rubberized buffers. Pro-longed vibration can lead to sorness, control issues, in addition to injuries. The electric chainsaw offer less vibration compared to gas chainsaws.

Bar-Tip safeguard – A bar-tip guard is there to avoid electric chain saw kickback . Kickback is a common safety concern. Kickback is when the bar and chain violently kick back towards the user.  It can happen once the nose of your electric chainsaw contacts a rigid object.  Kickback can also occur if the chain gets pinched between two pieces of wood. Many electric chainsaw users bypass using a bar-tip guard since it limits the cutting area of the bar.

Wrap Around Handle, Chain Break and Trigger Lock – The wrap around handle serves several purposes.

1. Standard safety, wrap around handles incorporate a chain break mechanism that halts the chain.  The chain is halted promptly once the left-hand hits the safeguard. 2. The handle also allows for better control and handling.  This gives the user easier use of the saw.

The trigger lock function is another basic safety feature.  The trigger lock stops the blade instantly when the saw is released or even fumbled.  A press button or switch on the grip must be depressed for the electric chainsaw to function.  Once the switch is released the saw ceases to function.

Electric Chainsaw Safety

Work gloves – Thick safety gloves are good for safe handling as well as control. Kevlar work gloves will help prevent injuries to the hands.

Leg Protection – Leggings, chaps or other protective apparel. Again, kevlar is a great option.Chainsaw Safety Equipment

Eye ProtectionChainsaw safety Goggles or protective eyeglasses

Ear Protection – Ear plugs or ear muffs will help decrease the sound frequency produced by the engine. This is less of a concern with a cordless or electric chainsaw.

Hard Hat – Good when performing any kind of project involving machinery or tools

Boots – Boots are needed in case you tumble the electric chainsaw or a piece of timber. You’ll be glad you bought steel toed footwear.

See our Chainsaw Safety Equipment store to shop for safety equipment.

Other Electric Chainsaw Considerations

Chain Pitch – Standard chain pitch is 3/8 inch. Chain pitch is the space between links on a chain.  The chain pitch should match the sprocket.

Chain Gauge – The chain gauge is width of your chain.  The chain gauge needs to match the width of the electric chainsaw bar groove.

Electric Chainsaw Handling

An electric chainsaw is easier to handle than gas powered chainsaws.  Electric chainsaws are easier to handle due to their size, power and weight. Cutting and doing the job properly calls for 2 hands. Good handles will help you balance the electric chainsaw correctly.  A handle at the front along with one in the backside helps to make cutting swifter and more efficient.

Hand fatigue and personal injury are reduced by using an electric chainsaw with antivibration handles. The handles include springs and rubber bushings to buffer the shaking motor from the user’s hands. This feature is great for any individual who use electric chainsaws on a frequent basis or for long periods of time.

As you do your own personal electric chainsaw reviews, consider the wraparound handle.  The wrap around handle enables you to have a relaxed grip while making side to side slices.  Horizontal cuts like cutting tree trunks require better handling. The handle wraps across the top of the saw for the front hand. This handle will make it easier to reorient the saw for horizontal cuts without changing hand positions.

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