Earthwise Chainsaw – American Lawn Mower Company

Earthwise Chainsaw – American Lawn Mower Company

Our chainsaw reviews discusses one particular company which has endured the ages is American Lawn Mower (creator of Earthwise chainsaw) which started in 1895 creating the Push Reel Mower. American Lawn Mower was created in Indiana, when a few individuals met up to build a eco Earthwise Chainsawfriendly, nonpolluting push mower. This Earthwise chainsaw company is still a family held business for more than a hundred years and proud of protecting the globe for its entire tradition.

Earthwise Chainsaw – Among the Best

Creator American Lawnmower Company

In 2008, the electric driven lawnmower along with other handheld electric powered equipment for the lawn was introduced. They were given new brand identities of Earthwise chainsaw and Yard wise to point out their motivation to clean air options. These products and solutions had been constrained by their electrical cords. Today with their global recognition of nonpolluting products during the previous ten years, American Lawnmower has engineered Lithium battery powered products. Contributing to their own line are the Lithium battery Earthwise chainsaw in 2011. This light-weight, cord less chainsaw provides an eco suitable alternative for the individual.

The American Lawn Mower organization still provides a variety of push lawn mowers. They did not join ranks with the motor-driven wave in the late nineteenth century. They have not motorized their devices until an eco-friendly safe alternative was formulated. Their product line has boomed merely within the last five-years. They boost that they are the clean air choice for power tools and Earthwise Chainsaw.

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  • Robert Armstrong says:

    I have a Earthwise pole saw. The starter switch has gone bad and the saw will not operate. I need a replacement switch, Jaben DA7-10/1. Please let me know if I can order this part.

  • paula s says:

    I have a earthwise pro series 8″ – 22cm chain saw. I need a new chain. How can I get one. How many links are there and what type of chain is mine.

    thank you

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