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Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Our cordless chainsaw reviews discovered that some of the lightest and quietest chainsaws are the cordless models. Cordless chainsaws are good for pruning trees as well as other modest tasks.  The cordless chainsaw is nice to use as an supplemental saw or extra saw.

It might not necessarily be the ideal choice for primary or heavy use. Cordless chainsaw reviews found that users use cordless chainsaws for cutting branches and moderate size timber.

Similar to electric chainsaws, the cordless chainsaws cost and weigh less than gas chainsaws. They typically start easier, merely attach the battery and pull the trigger!

Black & Decker LCS120
Black and Decker LCS120 Cordless ChainSaw
Black & Decker LCS120 Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

* Estimated Retail Price

5 Star Cordless ChainSaw Rating

Price* $75

Bar Length “8

Features: 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Battery,
Wrap-around handle, Lock-Off switch, replacement chain

Earthwise CCS30008
Earthwise CCS30008 18 Volt cordless chainsaw
Earthwise CCS3008 Cordless Chainsaw Reviews
Four Star Gas ChainSaw Rating

Price* $82

Bar Length “

Features: 18 Volt Motor, NiCad Battery compatible
with other 18 volt tools, Automatic Oiling, Oil Level Window

Ryobi P542 One+
Ryobi P542 Cordless Chainsaw Reviews
Ryobi P542 Cordless Chainsaw Reviews
Four Star Cordless Chain Saw Rating

Price* $80

Bar Length “

Features: Lock-off switch (prevents accidental
startups), Push button oiler, works with all One+ tools

Best Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Our cordless chainsaw reviews show that the cordless chainsaw is the safest option.  The cordless chainsaw is ideal for cutting materials indoors since it doesn’t vibrate as much or discharge toxins. They should be utilized cautiously outside, especially in damp weather conditions.

Cordless ChainSaw Reviews Features

The Motor – The cordless chainsaw is powered by a battery pack.  The typical voltage is between 12 to 20 volts.  Professional chainsaws provide up to 40 volts of power!

The Chain – The chain fits in a groove in the chainsaw bar. The cutting teeth are attached to the outside section of the chain.

Chainsaw Bar – Cordless chainsaw bar sizes range between 4 to 18 inches.  The most common lengths used are between 8 and 10 inches. The bar size is measured from the tip of the bar to the chainsaw casing. Take into account that the longer the bar span, the more challenging the saw is to handle.  Also the longer the bar, the greater the safety concern. The bar length is an important consideration with your cordless chainsaw reviews.

Cordless Chainsaw Features

Smart-Start (Quick Start) – Less effort is necessary for pulling action. Saws with the Smart-Start feature received higher recognition by users in our cordless chainsaw reviews.

Automated Chainsaw Oiler – The chainsaw chain needs to be lubricated frequently to avoid over heating.  Over heating occurs from the friction between the chain and wood during use. The automatic oiler delivers a constant flow of oil to the chain (as well as bar) in small quantities.

The oil is released from a discharge valve. The oil is kept in a tank and should be checked frequently. When performing your own cordless chainsaw reviews, rank the automatic chainsaw oiler higher on must have list.

Antivibration – Cordless chainsaw reviews the anti-vibration feature.  The antivibration feature decreases the impact from the saw to the operator during use.  This is beneficial for owners with long duration jobs.  Chainsaws furnished with anti-vibration handles are fitted with springs or rubber buffers.

Pro-longed vibration can certainly lead to soreness, control issues, as well as injuries. Our cordless chainsaw reviews discovered that the majority of owners prefer a chainsaw with anti-vibration.

Bar-Tip safeguard – A bar-tip guard helps avoid chain saw kickback. Kickback is a common safe practices concern found in cordless chainsaw reviews. Kickback can happen when the nose of the chainsaw contacts a hard object.  Kickback also occurs when the chain gets pinched. Some chainsaw users avoid using a bar-tip guard. Users avoid using the guard since it confines the cutting section of the bar by 1″ to 3″ inches.

Cordless chainsaw reviews the Wrap Around Handle, Chain Break and Trigger Lock – The wrap around hand grip serves several purposes. 1. Safe practices, wrap around handles may consist of a chain break instrument.  This instrument stops the chain promptly when the left hand hits the guard. 2. Our cordless chainsaw reviews determined that the handle provides control and better handling.  Good handling permits the user to comfortably maneuver the saw.

The trigger lock function halts the blade instantly when the saw is released or fumbled. A button or switch positioned on the grip must be depressed for the chainsaw to run.  Once the switch is released the saw ceases to function.  Another important safety feature that is ranked as a “must have” by cordless chainsaw reviews.

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